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Accounting Things

Unsure how to enter your transaction? Having a hard time reconciling your accounts?


Our team specializes in all things accounting.  From setting up systems to processing daily transactions to monthly reporting. Our packages are customizable to fit the needs and size of your organization.


  • Regular coding of transactions

  • Month End Reconciliations

  • Customizable Reporting Packages

  • Process and procedures creation and implementation

  • Invoicing and Bill pay management

  • Payroll

  • Sales Tax

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Business Tax Things

Business Taxes can be complex.  At the Accountant House, we can help take your financial information and translate it into XXXXXXX


-Year End Accounting

-S- Corp Filings

-Partnership filings

-State Tax filings

-Minnesota Annual Registration

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Guidance Things

Whether your business is in a transitory stage or you need higher level accounting help at half the time, we can help.


Our Virtual CFO will help get an indepth look at your finacials by understanding your systems and processes and being able to plug in and help you in the areas you might need it.


  • Monthly Reporting meeting

  • Outsourced High Level Accounting

  • Indepth Accounting planning and reconciliation

  • Temporary CFO services

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Personal Tax Things

-Individual Tax Planning

-Indivdual Federal and State compliance

You are unsure how to enter transactions into your accounting system properly.

You want to ensure your financial reports are accurate and organized.

You want to gain back time in your work day from doing your own accounting.

You want to have accurate numbers for your tax planning with no surprises.

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You want to ensure you are complying with tax laws.

You want help strategically planning.

You don't know if you are set up as a single member LLC or an S-Corp.

You want educated guidance simplified into terms you understand.

You want your activity reviewed by an expert who has the view of your whole company.

You're ready for accounting functions to be handled by one organization.

You need help with cash flow planning.

You want to have accurate numbers for your tax planning with no surprises.

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