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The Accountant House is here to help you take control of your finances and get the maximum out of your money. Whether it's personal or business, Craig and Erica will listen to your needs, develop a plan that works for you, and provide guidance as needed. They bring an enthusiasm for accounting and business that is infectious!


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Ready to have the accounting team you didn’t know you needed?

Let our team customize your accounting and reporting package to accurately capture your businesses activity to give you reporting that is meaningful to you.

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Taxes can feel overwhelming.  With ever changing policies, along with multiple forms, the process can seem daunting.

Gain back confidence and time by partnering with our team to help ensure your ready come your tax deadlines.

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Combine the power of our accounting services with our tax strategy to gain the most insight for your business.

Our team will handle your accounting needs from bookkeeping to tax compliance, giving you the support of a whole accounting department.

Not sure if you fit in the above services? Chances are you do, you just don't realize it. Contact us for a specialized consultation to discuss your specific needs!

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